Club Faune Cameroon Savannah

Cameroon is a marvelous country for those who wish to hunt big game and we were one of the few to have guided there for over two decades. The safaris take place in the best hunting area for Western antelopes in all Cameroon.
Situated at five-hour drive from Garoua, this beautiful land stretches...


Futa Lodge

Across the border from Esquel in Argentina, and deep into the coyhue forests of the tenth region of Chile flow the azure depths of the Futaleufu river. A world away from the hustle and bustle that even sleepy Esquel represents, the "Big River" (for this is how Futaleufu translates from the tehuelche...


France Safari

"Magnificent hunting estate", "exceptional trophies", "remarkable, friendly welcome", "Anne's cooking is amazing", "beautiful family chateau"... These are extracts from the Laplanque hunting estate's visitors' book, written by hunters who have stayed with us and left entirely satisfied. We are very ...


Club Faune Cameroon Forest

Twenty years that we live our passion for hunting in the forest. A forest concession of 125 000 hectares in the southeast of the country, bordered by Central African Republic, is where we would take you hunting.

Bongos, Forest Elephants, Western Sitatungas, Giant Forest Hogs and Dwarf Bu...

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