Ekland Safaris

Ekland Safaris is an exclusive property in the heart of South Africa's Northern Province. Its location alone is enough to bring the dream of hunting alive, housing within its boundaries at least 20 species of mammal - including white rhino, cape buffalo, elephant, lion and giraffe, as well as a wide...


Uruguay Natural Hunting

In almost full moon... 11hrs, Tired eyelids..., A single male enters
- What is Laurindo?
- "Male" it is, but I do not see the tusks!
I thought: Good, tomorrow we are leaving, then...fire!..., and I hunted the
greatest boar of my life. Carlinhos said: another like this, not even i...


Kalahari Rangers

The famous Kalahari region with its unique mystical powers and enchanting African ambiance has infatuated mankind for ages. Its hunting grounds are world famous and it's also home to the San people who inhabited this area for millenniums and proudly named it themselves.
This wild and unique ec...


Domaine de Montchevreuil

Situé dans le Vexin français à seulement 50km au nord de Paris, le Domaine de Montchevreuil, riche en histoire, vous ouvre ses portes à la découverte d'une faune diversifiée aussi bien en petit gibier qu?'en grands animaux tels que cerfs, daims, mouflons et chevreuils.
Fort de plusieurs générat...

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