Club Faune Cameroon Savannah

Cameroon is a marvelous country for those who wish to hunt big game and we were one of the few to have guided there for over two decades. The safaris take place in the best hunting area for Western antelopes in all Cameroon. Situated at five-hour drive from Garoua, this beautiful land stretches on...


Vancouver Island Hunts

Spring and Fall Hunts on Vancouver Island:  Spot-and-stalk hunts for Black Bear and Roosevelt Elk.
Our 7800 square kilometer exclusive hunting territory is located along the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island.  The area has over 50 grizzly-free salmon river valleys where the Black Bear feed ...


Club Faune - JP Bernon Safaris

Club Faune - JP Bernon Safaris: We organize hunts in France to stalk big game such as European Red Deer, European Roe Deer, European Fallow Deer, European Mouflon Sheep and Wild Boar as well as mountain hunting to stalk different species of chamois, Alpine, Pyrenean, Chartreuse and Vercors Chamois. ...


Les colverts de Sabournac

Unique in Europe, Sabournac is a private estate which has been organizing mallard duck hunting for 25 years. This hunt both surprises and appeals to hunters who like to shoot several hundred cartridges at high flying mallards.These birds fly at surprising heights, which means that only tightly choke...

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